Friday, April 2, 2010

Renaissance Dresses Has A Big Impact on Today's Fashion

Many fan fashion people were informed that today's fashion was inspired from the clothes in the past. For those who do not appreciate renaissance dresses may perhaps don't understand on how it has affect our modern fashion sense.

Fact is, people knew how to dress well even from the 16th century. Clad in good clothes were both men and women, young and old rich and poor in the past is depicted in the old paintings and portraits that even shows their daily life before. For your information, not all has the same social position, and not all of them has the capability to purchase costly wears. Nevertheless, nomatter how poor and rich people before they were still able to use good garments for them to wear becauses they had a distinct fashion sense. Dressing up has always involved one factor which is social status.

If you remember it correctly, the men and women of the renaissance era were known to dress according to their wealth, importance in society and their social status. Thus, certain fabrics and colours where restricted to the poor as they were made widely available to the rich.

In what way does this turn up in the picture?

Have you observe that all our clothes is a reflection of our own social status, much more of our wealth, intentionally or unintentionally? Today's businessmen wear tux and socialities wear cocktail dress while ordinary men and women are at ease with shirts and pants as their garments, exactly how will you explicate this?

I guess, if you are intense in observing, then you will know why well off individuals intentionally exhibit their diamond studded earrings and gold plated necklaces to let everybody see? Not exactly a coincidence if you ask me.

The people who are or were more rich than the others is given more significance and today's fashion is a replica of what we had in the past. It is imaginable that maybe because of the tradition, these clothing look better than ever?

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